Effective content strategy <br>for Google Pay loyalty program

Effective content strategy
for Google Pay loyalty program

Practical guidelines for the team to speak as one to our customers. When so many people in different roles and countries contribute to the development of offers on Googe Pay, it's easy for personal writing styles to seep in. Developed in collaboration with project managers, designers, engineers and researchers, this document is meant to be used as: a reference for creating content for the loyalty programa practical guide on writing style, voice and tone, and nomenclature a resource for managing communication standards  For reasons of confidentiality, I'm not showing the full document. Instead, I'm highlighting my depth of thinking for content strategy.  Take a look at the content strategy guide 

Impactful UX writing for <br>Google Pay India

Impactful UX writing for
Google Pay India

Sometimes all you need is a few thoughtful words to reassure anxious customers. Google Pay India accepts payments via the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) – a real-time payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) for inter-bank transactions. Sometimes, this system breaks down when a user is transferring money. For the next 3 working days, a manual process of tracing the payment status would have to be done by the bank. During this period, Google Pay has no information on the status of the transaction. However, most users become anxious when a payment does not go through and tries to find out what happened by calling Google Pay's helpdesk. In 2019, there were about 3 million such calls monthly. And 45% of such calls were related to such "pending" transactions. This was becoming a real i$$ue – especially in terms of the cost of support. I was part of the team that was tasked to solve this issue. The team consisted of a project manager, a UX designer, an engineer, with myself as the content strategist. After rounds of discussions, we decided that the fastest way to fix the issue was to add a reassuring message at the point of an unsuccessful transaction. BEFORE: Users only see this message when a transaction is unsuccessful Message: Pending | x days left AFTER: New message manages user expectations and most importantly, reassures users Transaction status: Processing | Up to a few days Message: The banks are having some trouble. Don't worry, your money is safe and we're already on it. RESULTS After this feature was rolled out to just 50% of the users, call volume for this issue was reduced by 11.40%, representing a savings of about USD$635,224 on support costs for 2019. To date, the team continues to experiment with other solutions for this issue.

A motivational manifesto: <br>Design 2025 Masterplan

A motivational manifesto:
Design 2025 Masterplan

Sharing good news from the government. With Singapore’s recent designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Design, the government believes that Singapore can become a global leader in design. The Design 2025 Masterplan proposes recommendations on how we can achieve this vision. Launched at the opening of the 2016 Singapore Design Week on 10 March 2016, this report was designed by Edenspiekermann Singapore. Read the report here(4MB PDF document) Read the news report by The Business Times